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  • Natalie presents with energy and vitality and in a very engaging manner.  Would we utilize the services of Natalie again?  Absolutely!    Iain Clark, Deputy Principal Esperance Anglican Community School (EACS)

  • I liked how you talked about your past and your story and how you were able to move forward because I can kind of relate.
    Lachie , 15
    (Creating Opportunities)


  • It made you think about how much you are worth and how you can get through any hurdles in your life.
    Popi, 17 (Creating Opportunities)


  • I am much more confident now in interviews.  I didnt realize I had so many strengths. 
    Maicee, 15 (Excellence in Interviews)


  • Nat being so positive, making me feel happy and wanting to listen.
    Yasmin, 15 (Creating Opportunities)


  • Learning about how body language can affect your life.
    Delia, 15 (Let' Keep the Job)


Short Courses and Workshops

Workshop 1 - Title
Create Your Opportunity

Learning Objective 1 – Attitude

  • Understand the importance of a good attitude

  • Self reflect on your own attitude

  • Identify reactions that lead to positive outcomes


Learning Objective 2 – Jumping Hurdles

  • Identify a hurdle verses a brick wall

  • Understand resilience and it’ importance

  • What is perspective – Natalie Story


Learning Objective 3 – The Hidden Job Market

  • What is the “Hidden Job Market”?

  • The importance of work experience

  • Understand what positives employment can bring to your lives


Learning Objective 4 – The Importance of a First Impression

  • Understand the importance of Appearance

  • Display positive body language

  • Understand communication, what we say and how we say it


Learning Objective 5 – Failure is a mindset 

  • Define what Success and Failure looks like

  • Identify new opportunities with a positive mindset

  • Short, Medium and long term goals

Key Note Speaker Session
Let's Keep the Job!
Excellence in Interviews
The importance of Teachers
Teenage Group
Gilmore College.jpg

Natalie presented a captivating and humourous take on how to make the most of your opportunities.  Her message was 'no matter what hurdles are presented to you, there is a way around them'. It was inspiring for my Year 12 VET Students. Leanne Cassam


It was an eye-opener about the real world after I leave school.  Sally, 17

B.C.S Development Training consults with over 15 Industries and brings relevant and current feedback to the classroom. What is important in the workplace and understanding the Employers point of view is essential to building strong relationships with Businesses. 

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