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Corporate Workshops

Powerhouse Workshop

Our Power Hour workshops are perfect for any business looking to re-energise their staff!


These workshops give employees the opportunity to be reminded of what is important in the workplace and develop a greater understanding of the company's Brand and what the Customer wants. They cover:

  • What is their brand?

  • Who is their customer and what do they want?

  • The importance of a First Impression

  • Communication - What we say, how we say it and what our body says

  • How to create a team 

  • Why are we here? Finding your passion


Work shops are perfect as part of staff meetings or can be held over a

full day(s) working one-on-one with staff.





You were absolutely fabulous and just hit the nail on the head. The staff really enjoyed the evening and I must say that I can see the difference in the way they are working. I have spoken to all the staff and they say they feel inspired to do the best they can!

Great evening – will definitely get you back!

The information you provided about student attitude, employer expectations and being workplace ready was invaluable and an extremely effective conclusion to our Workplace Learning Induction program.

Your animated delivery of information and interaction with the students was motivating and engaging. The students clearly understood and related to what you were saying, and responded positively. I am satisfied the students are more confident and better prepared to make the most of their forthcoming opportunites in the workplace.

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