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Very honest, open and real. I think it is a wonderful resource, especially for our young people
Wow this is such a beautiful read. It brought me to tears, touched my heart and uplifted me to live my best life
This book was really moving, it did make me cry in parts but most of all I feel like I need to love who I am more and aim much higher. I care about what everyone else thinks and that is going to change 
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Thank you for writing this book. It puts so much into perspective about life and how short it is. 
This book is absolutely beautiful. From the powerful photos that show the up's and downs to the story itself and all the up's and downs. A beautiful gift for anyone
I was given this book as present and I am so happy that I read it. The pictures are so powerful and the story takes you through the happy and sad times. It leaves you wanting to take control of your life, be happy and if people don't love you or treat you right, let them go because they don't deserve you. 
When I was Young by Natalie Montgomerie.
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