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The perfect gift to empower, encourgage and build resiliance. A must read!


Overcoming pain and rejection in life is difficult for anyone at any age, and Natalie reminds us that ups and downs are a normal part of life. Natalie shares her powerful story of working through disappointment, confustion, rejection and heartbreak while using these lesson to grow and become a better person. Her story is raw, inspiring, and honest, and it empowers the reader to have self-belief and self-love and to reach for the stars.


This story is very moving, it brought me to tears, touched my heart, uplifted me, reminded me how loved and special I am (we all are). A wonderful resource especially for our young people - Sharon 


This story is very powerful and raw. It made me cry in parts but I feel like we are all able to have wonderful lives no matter what our family circumstances are. Never give up and if people don't love you the way they should, let them go, they don't deserve you! - Julie 

When I Was Young by Natalie Montgomerie

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