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A good interview starts with confidence, needs well rehearsed responses and practice and ends with a growing confidence in oneself.


This intense, personalised workshop offers students the Opportunity to focus on how to best sell their strengths and respond positiively with an weakensses in a job interview. It is about understanding the job, the top questions that will be asked in an interview, establishing positive responses and having an environment to practice these. 


First impressions, body langugage, communication, listening, asking the right questions are a huge part of the interview process however it all starts with confidence in yourself, confidence in your responses, confidence that every interview is benefical to build experience. 


This workshops can be delivered in multiple ways including multiple lessons. small groups or specific for students who are disengagend and seeking employment asap. 


Please contact Natalie for further information on your tailor made workshop. 

Job Interview - Let's do it!

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