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Natalie has created a workshop like no other in secondary schools.


Natalie's career has taken her from a State Manager position to training unemployed and through her passion to help young people make the most of any opportunity she has created a hugely successul workshop that is unique, powerful, relevant and inspiring. Natalie communicates informatiive and relevant information that students must know, that industry want them to know while engaging and inspiring our young people.  Natalie engages with over 15 industrries on the what is working, what is not and what important information industry want to get to our young people so they make the best first impression and start there professional reputation in a positive way.


We know our teachers and schools share important information to students however this workshop allows Natalie to be open about her own hurdles growing up and her story is relatable to so many young people today. She is able to explain and inspire others on how she decided she was worth great things and how to learn to have self belief and self love even when others around you may not encourage you. 


Comments such as; I didn't realise I had so much control over what I can do with my life or I really want to have a good life and I understand now I need to focus on me and work hard. See our page on our website for more feedback from teachers and students. 


Topics cover;

  • Owning your Attitude 
  • Dealing with hurdles
  • What Employers want and why
  • Creating the best first impression
  • Communication, body language and listening
  • Professional reputation 
  • The SMALL things industry say are the BIG things 
  • The hidden job market
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people 


This workshop compllicment all students from Years 10-12 and also covers any topics that are deemed relevant to your cohort. Speak to Natalie about your custom workshop. 



Create your Opportunity Workshop

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