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Why do we put ourselves under so much pressure?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Last week I got home from work, my heart was racing, my head was exploding and I could not make a decision let alone communicate to my family. I have deadlines that need to be met and I need to organise this and that and it needs to all be done NOW!.

I am very aware on how bad stress is for your mind and body and I also know that when you are stressed, it comes out in a physical form, for me, my heart was racing to the point I thought a heart attack was on it's way. What the hell for? My way of dealing with stress and needing to calm down is to take a nice hot shower and just focus on the water and how nice it feels.

When I got out, I sat down and wrote down my 'to do list' and my deadline for each. Then I looked at the deadline and asked myself this question. Is this deadline one that I have have set for myself or does this deadline need to be met? Almost half of my list were deadlines I had set for myself, it is what I wanted to achieve, it was my expectation for myself, it was my pressure!

By moving these deadlines a few days, weeks or months later, I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt happy and calm and for the first time in a few weeks, I felt like my days were more enjoyable.

My questions to you is, what pressure are you putting on yourself and what is the 'real' deadline. We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve and tick things off and yet a few days or weeks later really won't change the outcome.......... you will do it!

So take the pressure off. Do what you need to do but take the dam pressure off.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

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