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Key Note Speaker Session

Brief outline:

  • School and homelife

  • No support with weekends living by herself from 14 years old

  • Financially supporting her family

  • How her career took off

  • Being responsible for our own futures and attitude

  • Best friend passing away recently

  • How Natalie dealt with “hurdles” even in the last few months
  • Unemployment and what I see now
Let's Keep the Job!

Learning Objective 1 – Let’s work!

  • Understand both sides of work experience

  • Identify what Employers want from you

  • Understand what is a work ethic

  • Identify how important Confidence, competence and credibility are


Learning Objective 2 – Communication is everything!

  • Telephone and email etiquette

  • What we say, how we say it and what we don't say

  • Conflict resolution

  • Customer service and complaints


Learning Objective 3 – It’s the small things

  • Understand that small things make a difference!

  • Differentiate between your home and work attitude

  • Learn what motivation is and what motivates you!

  • What do you value in life and your workplace? 


Learning Objective 4 – What motivates you?

  • Work behaviour questionnaire

  • “What if” scenarios

  • Let’s set your goals

The importance of Teachers

This short workshop is to share Natalie’s story and what she sees in her training room presenting to the unemployed.

It was a teacher that told Natalie what success really is. 

Junior & Senior Leadership

This workshop offers students offers students an introduction into:


  • First Impressions

  • Communication (including body language)

  • Public Speaking

Workshop 1 - Title
Excellence in Interviews

Learning Objective 1 – Looking at You and Your Future   

  • Understand the importance of a good attitude

  • Create a list of careers that interest you

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Learning Objective 2 – What an Employer is Looking For   

  • Provide detail on what employers are looking for in employees

  • Understand the importance of these qualities

  • Understand how this affects your team mates  

Learning Objective 3 – The Importance of a First Impression   

  • Understand the importance of Appearance

  • Display positive body language

  • Understand communication, what we say and how we say it

Learning Objective 4 – The 10 ‘Must Know’ Questions in Interviews  

  • Understand the importance of why we interview

  • Have knowledge of types of interview styles

  • Know the 10 ‘Must know questions”

  • Present your most effective answers

Learning Objective 5 – Complete Mock Interviews   

  • Communicate more confident answers in an interview

  • Display good communication techniques

  • Understand the importance of Preparation

  • Summarise what makes a good interview


Small Groups

Tailor made programs 


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